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The 'INTEGRATED CATERING TRADE NETWORK' food production plant, part of RBE holding group, is a Russian technological complex producing food on an industrial scale.

The impeccable taste and quality of our food products are maintained thanks to the latest technological innovations – LLFF, cook&chill, sous vide. As a result of these unique innovations, production and storage costs have been significantly reduced, while at the same time the quality and taste is restaurant-standard.

Our production uses HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), a systematic preventative approach to food safety from biological, chemical and physical hazards, which ensures sanitary control and safety at all stages of a food chain, including food production and preparation processes, packaging and distribution.

Since 2009 'INTEGRATED CATERING TRADE NETWORK' has prepared and provided food for the 'Sapsan' high-speed train. As part of this project we have introduced a quarterly food cycle, and hold presentations at the production plant and on board trains. In each quarterly cycle there are also children's, vegetarian and confessional meals. We continually strive to improve our food.

In 2010 we began working with the aviation industry.

A year later we began providing food in group packaging for passengers on long-distance trains.

At our production plant we have specially allocated and separate production and packaging lines for halal food, along with the requisite cleaning standards. We are fully halal certified.

Since 2015 we have been providing food for the 'Strizh' high-speed train between Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod.

This year we will be releasing our new product line 'your chef' (svoy kulinar) in the HoReCa market. The new 'your chef' line will offer a wide range of ready-meals including breakfasts, snacks, soups and main meals. The recipes have been created by a team of 'ESP' chefs. Modern production technology, unique recipes, quality-control at all stages of production and highly qualified personnel all guarantee a premium product line of the highest standard.

'INTEGRATED CATERING TRADE NETWORK' offers a wide range of meals for all spheres of public catering and a variety of menu options: traditional, vegetarian, low-calorie, children's, confessional and more. Our food is distinguished by its high-quality preparation and ingredients, and we strive to ensure that every meal we produce is delicious.

At the current time 'INTEGRATED CATERING TRADE NETWORK' supplies food to passengers in the railway and aviation industries, as well as having active partnerships in the social and business sectors. '


We will be glad to see you at our food production plant in Saint Petersburg, and we will happily provide tours of the plant as well as food-tasting sessions.



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